Frequently Asked Questions


What is meant by computer analyzed and aurally tuned for unsurpassed accuracy?

I have been tuning aurally (by ear) since 1964. Several years ago, I began using a computer program, that can listen and analyze pianos. The program will then guide me on the best intervals and partials to use to tune your piano, to bring out the full tone and character. Through testing and verification with the computer and finally tuning each unison aurally, your piano is tuned with unsurpassed accuracy.


What if my piano hasn't been tuned in years?

We can do a computerized pitch raise. Before computerized pitch raising, a piano that had been neglected, needed to be tuned several times to be brought up to pitch and have the stability to stay in tune. This usually took about 3 to 4 tunings over several weeks. Now with a computerized pitch raise, in most cases, it can be done in just one visit, at about half the cost.