Rebuilding Your Piano

What if my piano is worn or can't be tuned or regulated?

We can rebuild it.  We offer partial and complete rebuilding.

Partial Rebuilding:

In a partial rebuilding, we replace all the parts that are worn or can not be repaired. All other parts are repaired to near new condition. For example, a soundboard with minor cracks can be shimmed with spruce inserts, sanded and varnished to perform and look like new. If  the pinblock is in  good condition, we will then keep the original pinblock, and replace the strings, tuning pins and damper felts. Hammers that are in good condition can be resurfaced. The piano is then tuned, regulated and voiced to your tone preference.

Complete Rebuilding:

In a complete rebuilding, we install new soundboard, pinblock, strings, damper felts, hammers, hammer shanks, repetitions, key covers, bushings, etc. Your piano is totally torn down and rebuilt. At minimum, it will be like new. In most cases even better. The piano is then tuned, regulated and voiced to your tone preference.

Refinishing is offered with both partial and complete rebuilding. 

Is my piano worth rebuilding? 

In many cases, NO, it isn't.

It's not always cost effective to rebuild a piano. Complete rebuilding should be performed on pianos of high quality only. Technology has advanced over the years with computerized scale design and new manufacturing techniques. The medium to low-end pianos built today, are far superior to the medium to low-end pianos made in the past. It may be better and more cost effective to purchase a new piano. However, you cannot put a price on sentimental value. We can help you make that decision.


We use only the finest materials:
Our Soundboards are made of Eastern White Sitka Spruce, matched in grain orientation and color. Our Pinblocks and Bridge Caps of hard rock maple. Action parts by Renner of Germany. Renner manufactures parts for the  finest piano makers in the world, including the German Steinway.